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Custom Curriculum

Customized training allows your employees to integrate what they learn with your existing systems and apply the targeted training they receive right away, rather than spend time translating what they have learned from generic training into your environment.

We help you tie the training we deliver to your company's strategic business goals. This provides two key benefits:

1) training employees on new concepts - instead of training employees in areas where they are already proficient and
2) training employees on 'high-impact' skills that effect your bottom line giving you quantifiable ROI for your training dollars.

Knowledge Transfer has experts in every area of instructional design, including:

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  • Distance learning
  • CBT course design and development
  • Proprietary software training development
  • Web development
  • Network architecture
  • ERP/MRP Systems (Propriety and off-the-shelf)



Learn about your organization and what skills are critical to your success


Customize curriculum to meet the needs of your employees


Deliver the training on your site or a near by location


Report any assessment results, surveys or instructor feedback about the course