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Why Us Training Management  

Free up your training worries by allowing us to execute out core competency - delivery and management of training.

Knowledge Transfer will dedicate highly qualified training experts to work with you in assessing, documenting, and meeting your education needs. Well use our expertise and analytical strengths to your benefit by building a customized effective training program from the ground up.

Our unique capabilities include:

  • Professional delivery of critical training by industry experts.
  • Access to proven training materials.
  • Custom designed courses and instruction to meet your unique requirements.
  • High quality training for increased learner retention, satisfaction and productivity.
  • We deliver the experts to your corporation in such key technology areas as: ORACLE, Lotus, Microsoft, Java, Rational Rose, E-Commerce, XML, Windows 2000, Project Management, etc.
  • Optimization of your training facilities, resources, and dollars.
  • Freedom to focus your resources on your core competencies.
  • Reporting Return-On-Investment based on specialized Level One and Level Two evaluation tools.