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Is your Company Ready?
The Readiness Framework provides a comprehensive set of proven practices, guidance, and learning solutions for technical readiness. Readiness Framework helps Information technology (IT) organizations identify and develop the competencies and skills they need to introduce new or changing technologies into their environments and business practices.

Readiness Framework offers a structured approach to reliably and efficiently assessing the technical requirements (both individual and organizational) necessary to plan, build, and manage IT solutions. It also offers guidance to ensure that the organization has the capability to absorb the change required for full-scale adoption. The framework helps an organization meet these requirements by providing capability planning, organizational competency identification, and individual and organizational assessments, as well as recommendations for how the organization can use learning plans and specific, appropriate, and available readiness and training material to expand and retain the organization's IT capability.

View the Key Concepts of Readiness

Concepts of Key Readiness
*Readiness Framework is adopted from Microsoft Readiness Framework


" What companies seem to overlook is that the new multimillion-dollar software package isn't valuable unless business and technical staff know how to use it. Changes made to job tasks, working conditions, and work schedules during software implementations often deeply affect employees and can dramatically change the way a business functions."

-Information Week Magazine