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SQL Level 1: Fundamentals of Querying Overview

  • Lesson 1: Executing a Simple Query

  • Topic A: Connect to the SQL Database

  • Topic B: Query a Database

  • Topic C: Save a Query

  • Topic D: Modify and Execute a Saved Query

  • Lesson 2: Performing a Conditional Search

  • Topic A: Search Using One or More Conditions

  • Topic B: Search for a Range of Values and NULL Values

  • Topic C: Search Data Based on Patterns

  • Lesson 3: Working with Functions

  • Topic A: Perform Date Calculations

  • Topic B: Calculate Data Using Aggregate Functions

  • Topic C: Manipulate String Values

  • Lesson 4: Organizing Data

  • Topic A: Sort Data

  • Topic B: Rank Data

  • Topic C: Group Data

  • Topic D: Filter Grouped Data

  • Topic E: Summarize Grouped Data

  • Topic F: Use PIVOT and UNPIVOT Operators

  • Lesson 5: Retrieving Data from Multiple Tables

  • Topic A: Combine the Results of Two Queries

  • Topic B: Compare the Results of Two Queries

  • Topic C: Retrieve Data by Joining Tables

  • Lesson 6: Exporting Query Results

  • Topic A: Generate a Text File

  • Topic B: Generate an XML File


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Comments on the Course

This course is the starting point for those who are new to SQL or a good refresher for those who have some knowledge but would like to fine tune their skills.

The SQL information is ANSI standards and can be applied to any RDBMS, including DB2, Oracle, SQL/Server, Sybase, etc.