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Effective Time Management Overview

  • Lesson 1: Defining Goals

  • Topic A: Define Time Management

  • Topic B: Describe Your Dreams

  • Topic C: Identify Regrets

  • Topic D: State Goals

  • Lesson 2: Analyzing Energy Allocation

  • Topic A: Create a Time Log

  • Topic B: Analyze Tasks

  • Topic C: Analyze Time Usage

  • Topic D: Analyze Energy Flow

  • Lesson 3: Identifying Personal Style

  • Topic A: Review a Successful Day or Project

  • Topic B: Analyze Your Preferences

  • Topic C: Identify Personal Strengths

  • Topic D: Identify Personal Motivators

  • Topic E: Reduce Time Wasters

  • Lesson 4: Assembling the Toolbox

  • Topic A: Negotiate for Success

  • Topic B: Delegate Tasks

  • Topic C: Choose Tools that Work for You

  • Lesson 5: Creating a Time-Management Action Plan

  • Topic A: Create the Action Plan

  • Topic B: Evaluate the Time-Management Action Plan


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