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AIX 5L System Administration III: Performance Management


Gain the skills to measure, analyze, and tune AIX subsystems on IBM eServer pSeries hardware for optimum performance. Learn how to manage the performance of AIX 5L and the performance of applications running under AIX 5L. Examine performance management concepts and techniques and the use of standard AIX tools (sar, iostat, vmstat, netstat, and tuning commands such as schedo, vmo, no and ioo). Also, learn to use advanced AIX performance tools (tprof, svmon, and filemon). Learn how to run and use the Performance Problem Reporting tool (PerfPMR) to document and then analyze performance problems.  In extensive hands-on lab exercises, reinforce each lecture and gain practical experience applicable to your performance management requirements.

Hands-On Labs

Labs are included to address working with tunable files, Central Processing Unit (CPU), virtual memory and the Virtual Memory Manager (VMM), Input/Output (I/O) performance, physical and logical storage, Input/Output (I/O) performance, file systems, network performance, Network File System (NFS) performance. Many labs have a special focus on the use of the PerfPMR facility and the use of its files to analyze problems.

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You should complete:

  • AIX System Administration I : Implementation (AU140) or (Q1314)
  • AIX System Administration II : Problem Determination (AU160) or (Q1316) or (QT010)
  • AIX 5L TCP/IP I: Configuration (AU070) or (Q1307)
  • or have equivalent experience (at least six months)

You should also be able to:

  • Manage AIX physical and logical storage
  • Manage networking configurations from an application server viewpoint.
  • Utilize additional subsystems including cron to schedule system tasks and accounting to analyze system activity
  • Pull together many of the topics learned in previous courses to start addressing real-life system administrator issues
5 Days  

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