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Professional Skills Bootcamp


Developed exclusively for the complexity and rigor of enterprise business environments. Gain competitive advantage by combining technical depth with a width of versatile professional skills.

Develop Critical Professional Skills

Effective professionals have the ability to directly influence the performance and success of their respective organizations. But in order to do so, they must first master an array of skills that may be unlike any they have ever used before. The Professional Skills Boot Camp is designed to provide you with just such expertise through an introduction to the competencies that they must master in order to transform themselves into high-performing servant leaders/practitioners.

Analyze Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

The course begins with each student performing an assessment of his or her professional skills. This assessment is aimed at providing insights to the student concerning personal strengths and weaknesses, and when properly utilized, can provide a starting point for a comprehensive skills enhancement program.

Learn Practical Tools and Techniques for Immediate Application

The course itself is divided into a series of modules, each aimed at introducing one or more of the skills critical to professional success. The class starts with introductions to Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and Communications that set the stage for a diverse array of applied topics such as:

  • Coaching/Mentoring
  • Conflict Management/Dealing with Difficult People
  • Time Management
  • Critical Thinking/Decision Making/Problem Solving
  • Facilitation and Negotiation

Key skills you'll take away immediately:

  • Analyze and understand personal business strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn specific interpersonal challenges associated with software teams and how to deal with them
  • Examine and assess current leadership abilities
  • Review strategies for building trust, using power and authority effectively, and how to develop others on a project team
  • Improve self-awareness of emotional intelligence
  • Learn how to overcome miscommunication between individuals and departments
  • Determine strategies for how to prevent a negative employee's attitude from spreading to other employees
  • Learn how to self-manage and lead software teams by example
  • Use creativity, quick thinking and voting techniques to solve business problems
  • Demonstrate competent communication and collaboration skills
  • Manage project priorities and personal organization in complex projects
  • Perform a gap analysis to begin development mapping
  • Create an Individual Development Plan (IDP)
  • Tips and tricks to become self-motivated when no one is cheering you on
  • Deal with difficult employees, co-workers, suppliers or bosses
  • Cope with mistakes and failures by turning them into learning opportunities
  • Minimize your weaknesses and maximizing your strengths
  • Choose appropriate communication and collaboration methods in a socially networked world
  • Appreciate different perspectives and examining different sides of situations
  • Cope with office politics, hidden agendas and changes
  • Learn how to persuade others without manipulating or controlling
  • Investigate specific challenges of business analysts and software developers

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2 Days  

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