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Test Driven Development


Learn the test driven development training skills and discipline of writing unit tests in a test-first approach, with applications that are sustainable.

The test driven development training course teaches participants how to build quality software through effective use of Test-Driven Development practices. Unit testing, test-first, and Refactoring practices lay the foundation for sustainable code quality and agile development. Test quality helps drives quality design and code. Specifically, participants will build understanding around:

  • How to write effective unit tests
  • Properties of effective unit tests
  • How to use mock objects to isolate the "system under test"
  • Effective Refactoring of the code base
  • Benefits of test-first and Test-Driven Development
  • Techniques for adoption of Test-Driven Development
  • How to use Acceptance Test, and Behavior-Driven Development to further advance Test-Driven Development

Developing software applications in today's complex environments requires enormous knowledge and wide-ranging skills. Building applications to ever changing requirements has become the norm.

How can we implement a quality application for ever changing requirements; one that can be extended and maintained? It necessitates a solid testing discipline throughout the software lifecycle.

Participants will learn the skills and discipline of writing unit tests in a test-first approach, to create a "safety net of tests". They will learn how to write good unit tests, what unit tests should test, and why these tests are critical. They will also learn refactoring practices, and incremental development. Together, these skills allow developers and teams achieve the goal of building quality applications sustainably, with quality for the life of the code base.

Who Should Attend This Test Driven Development Training Course:

  • Developers who want to learn how to enhance their design and development skills to build better quality applications. Participants should have a strong understanding of object-oriented development using C#, Java or equivalent language. This test driven development training course can be delivered in Java, C# or other language with prior arrangement.

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3 Days  

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