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Agile Programming Workshop


This workshop immerses the student in agile programming. The student experiences agile practices by participating in them. The course is primarily hands-on with interspersed commentary, and feedback, as needed.


As a result of the training, the student will:

  • Understand the principles and practices of agility
  • Have an appreciation for the practices  and challenges in action
  • Be ready to participate in an agile development project

Who Should Attend

  • This course would benefit programmers, project leaders, managers, and potential customers.

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The student should have programming experience with Java or C++. The course project will be developed in the language that is known by the majority of students. There is room for a few non-programming students to act as customers.

3-5 Days  

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To Inquire About Future Classes

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Comments on the Course

This course is more applied.  Some of the same general concepts are taught as in the two day course, but the emphasis is on developing an actual software product using agile practices.  The assumption is that you're fairly sure on using agile, but want to experience in an actual setting.

The 2 day course covers agile from the philosophical side - why do it, what do you get out of it, and how to alter the process for your own corporate environment.  We do an agile project in the course to experience some of the challenges in agile, but the project does not involve programming.