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Discrete Manufacturing for the Power User- Mastery Level Workshop


Workshops can take the form of one of our Public Workshops, or a custom, onsite class tailored for your staff.  If you are already live, we'll cruise through the basics and take you right to the "good stuff"--the advanced tips and techniques you need to power your way through EntepriseOne and PeopleSoft World.


The course begins with a discussion of the business and organizational environments in which the Manufacturing functions will operate, then gets into the manufacturing system functions, which attendees will learn through many hands-on exercises.

Attendees will define items, associate them into product structures, and define the value adding processes that convert raw materials into parts and that combine parts into products.  Attendees will create their own menu, populate it with their own program versions, set up the requirements planning system, and run the end-to-end process from demand recognition through planning to product completed.  Along the way, they will perform various materials management inquiries, and process reports.

This course was designed and written by Michael Shapiro, a Senior Consultant with over 10 years of JDE experience, and 25 more years of industry experience.  Attendees benefit from Mike's lessons learned as a result of his involvement in over 20 implementations.


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This course presumes a phased implementation wherein Financials have been set up, Distribution (Inventory, Purchasing, Sales) has been set up, and now it is time for the Manufacturing implementation.

5 Days  

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Not ready for a Mastery Level Workshop?  No problem!  We can deliver basic training for new clients as well.  We'll get you started with the right approach.  Do it once, do it right!