KT-4084 SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 Universe Design Tool (UDT) Boot Camp Training - Minneapolis, Minnesota IT MN Technical Financial New York, NY
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SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 Universe Design Tool (UDT) Boot Camp


This class is a combination of instructor-led lecture, discussions, and demonstrations with a heavy emphasis on hands-on workshops to teach BusinessObjects 4.x Universe Design Tool concepts. Topics to be covered include universe creation, creating database connections, joins, classes and objects, hierarchies, loop resolution, contexts, table aliases, aggregate awareness, viewing table keys, creating predefined conditions, restrictions, index awareness, universe maintenance, and universe distribution/documentation.


The student will acquire skills to:

  • Create and Maintain Universes
  • Join Database Tables and Set or Detect Join Cardinality
  • Create Classes and Objects within Hierarchies
  • Define Dimensions, Details, and Measures
  • Using Contexts and Aliases
  • Create Predefined Conditions
  • Use Desktop Reporting 4.x or WebIntelligence 4.x Reporting to Test Universes and SQL Generation


  • Universes (Semantic Layer)
  • Classes and Objects
  • Dimensions/Details/Measures 
  • Equi/Outer/Theta Joins
  • Lists of Values
  • @Functions
  • Loop Resolutions
  • Join Cardinality
  • Fan/Chasm Traps
  • Predefined Conditions
  • Aggregate Awareness
  • Contexts and Aliases
  • Hierarchies
  • Restrictions
  • Security Restrictions
  • Saving Documentation to PDF
  • Index Awareness 


This class is designed for technical analysts who are required to create the BusinessObjects 4.x semantic layer as an interface to the data in a data warehouse, data mart, or database.

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  • Basic Windows Skills
  • Some Database Background
  • Some SQL Skills
  • WA2411 WebIntelligence 4.x Basic Reporting (Recommended)
2 Days  

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