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Advanced COBOL Programming



  • This course is designed for students who desire a more in depth understanding of Cobol.


Upon completion of this course, the student should have the ability to:

  • Complete a KSDS Vsam random update program, with an optional sequential reading through an alternate index
  • Complete a program that loads a table from an external file using a perform varying and then later on in the program perform a serial search on the table. Also define another table using the redefines technique and perform a binary search on it.
  • Complete a program the sorts a file with data provided from an input procedure and produces a report using an output procedure.
  • Complete a dynamically subprogram that will be called a provided main program.
  • Write a sequential master file update program.
  • Complete a two level control break report with control heading and control footings.
  • Complete a program that will inspect input records and unstring the text in them.


  • VSAM file concepts and processing techniques
  • Advanced table handling
  • Advanced sort merge processing
  • Subprogram concept
  • Nested program concept
  • Numeric data types
  • COBOL compiler options useful for testing and debugging
  • Match merge processing
  • Control break logic


  • Application programmers and analysts

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  • The student should have a basic understanding of COBOL.
5 Days  

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