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SOA for Executives


Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) delivers business agility by aligning the goals of IT and executive management supported by a configurable technology infrastructure. In a world where market adaptation is key, SOA enables businesses to be more agile and respond quickly to opportunities that arise within their customer base or the market at large.

This half-day seminar introduces SOA, process-driven business alignment, corporate and technology governance, and provides a realistic look at the SOA value proposition. This seminar will provide decision makers with the essential understanding of service orientation, process-driven alignment, and governance to evaluate the implications of SOA upon their business.


What is SOA and why is it important?

What are the key elements that comprise SOA?

How will SOA impact your organization?

What value-add does SOA provide?

How can business process modeling and management make your business more agile?

What does the SOA adoption process look like?

What you will learn

After completing this seminar, the attendee should be able to:

  • Understand what SOA is and why there is so much momentum behind it
  • Articulate the SOA value proposition and its business implications
  • Identity the various elements of a successful SOA implementation
  • Understand the importance of business process modeling and process management to SOA
  • Describe the purpose of SOA governance
  • Understand the SOA adoption process


Executives, senior management, line of business managers

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Half Day  

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