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Domino Designer R5: LotusScript


This course introduces the Domino Object Model classes accessible to LotusScriptâ„¢. The primary emphasis of the course is not on LotusScript itself, but rather on how to use basic LotusScript language elements to operate on the Domino object classes, including databases, views, documents, fields, and ACL settings. This course is not a beginning programming class or a mere overview presentation of the LotusScript implementation in Domino and the Notes Client. Students will spend a good portion of the course coding in LotusScript and debugging code that will have immediate application beyond the term of the course. Students will build a fundamental knowledge of LotusScript and how it is used to instantiate and execute Domino Object Model classes, show appropriate use LotusScript to meet application goals, provide extensive programming and debugging experience to ensure mastery of LotusScript techniques and Domino Object Model classes, understand the relationship between LotusScript and Notes data types, and build a practical understanding of data validation and error trapping.

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Basic Application for Domino Designer R5.  

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