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Introduction to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)


Transitioning from US GAAP to IFRS: A Fast-Track First Look

A Comprehensive Primer for the Financial Reporting Community and Auditing Professionals

This course will quickly get you up to speed on:

  • International Accounting Standards Board
  • Standards Development Process
  • SEC IFRS Roadmap/US Adoption
  • Conceptual Framework vs. US GAAP
  • Financial Statement Objectives under IFRS
  • Presentation and Accounting Policies
  • IFRS Compliant Financial Statements
  • Assets/Liabilities/Investments/Revenue Recognition
  • Preparing for and Strategies for IFRS Adoption
  • First Time Adoption Exemptions/Exceptions

The commitment to IFRS from the US Securities and Exchange Commission has evolved through a widespread agreement to synchronize accounting standards on an international level. Hopefully reducing costs for multi-national corporations and allowing investors a level playing field to make valid apples to apples comparisons between companies across the globe. Users of financial statements have pushed for the development of international standards for consistency and comparable reporting  the time is now coming, some Countries and International firms are already adopting or have implemented IRFS. How is it working? What should you expect? What are the major and minor differences? And most importantly, how will it affect your firm?

Understand the Terminology and Complexity of IFRS  Preparing for a Future Transition

This two day program will give the Financial Professional an in-depth introduction to International Reporting Standards (IFRS), while drawing connections to current US GAAP financial reporting requirement. Identifying the key areas where they differ. The course will give you and your staff a solid foundation in a multitude of standards to allow you to accurately access the impact of IFRS adoption on your company and to help you make the necessary choices to prepare for a transition to IFRS.

Become Fully Aligned With SEC Guidelines and the SEC Road Map

From US GAAP to IFRS reporting, there will be some major differences on all levels of reporting. To make this transition, you can get up to speed now to plan for the near future. The conversion from US GAAP to IFRS brings a long laundry list of technical accounting changes. This program, developed and taught by a Financial Expert, working in the filed, is designed to provide a broad understanding of the major differences and complexities in accounting methods and to identify the impact those changes could have on your firm.

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Finance, Accounting, Auditing, and Investment Professionals Should Attend:

This Forward Looking Program can help you plan, managing and work through a transition from US GAAP to International Financial Reporting Standards in Your Organization. Those who will benefit most from this fast-track, IFRS program include:

  • CFOs and their Accounting Department Professionals
  • Auditors from small and medium sized Audit Firms
  • Corporate Directors
  • Audit Committee Members
  • Investors
  • Analysts

If you are responsible for Financial reporting, auditing or investing, you need to attend this thorough program, that will help put your on the right track to a successful transition to IFRS in the future.

2 Days  

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