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Financial Modeling Boot Camp


KTCS can provide this training privately for any group.  If you have 3 or more people needing this training please call 866-444-6548 or email info@ktcs.biz


A Powerful Hands-On financial modeling training course for Financial Professionals  Combine your financial knowledge and the power of Excel® to create dependable financial models that work for you.

Master the Art and Science of Building the Financial Model in this financial modeling training course

With today's ever changing and volatile financial landscape  more than ever, the financial and investment industries need the comfort of dependable and accurate forecasting when making critical business decisions. Often, investment professionals have a solid financial background, some Excel skills but limited modeling skills, having learned "as they go" - using modeling techniques and forecasting measures that are less than reliable.

This dynamic two-day financial modeling training course will help to put all of your knowledge to use, allowing you to combine your financial background with improved Microsoft Excel® modeling skills and modeling techniques to give you the tools you need to create workable, flexible and reliable Financial Models. You and your staff will learn to build the solid foundation necessary to create valuations that you can rely upon and skills that will work over time in all aspects of your business.

Combining Financial Knowledge, Excel Skills and Model Building Technique

In two action-packed days you'll gain the skills, knowledge and "know how" to create solid and robust financial models. You'll examine the components of a good model, review accounting principles incorporated in a model, learn what information you'll need to create accurate results, and how Excel can be used to your advantage to develop a great valuation tool.

Step-by-Step  Your Modeling Skills Come Together With Ease

This rigorous, hands-on financial modeling training will cover the essentials step-by-step, and you will quickly discover how to put the power of what you know into building a dynamic, robust financial model. Confidently, you'll know how to:

  • Logically plan, design and layout a model that works in your environment
  • Use Excel to it's fullest potential to help in the building process
  • Build a financial model, integrating financial statements
  • Create financial forecasts based on your model
  • Analyze and value a company or project
  • Test and retest your results for robustness and accuracy
  • Confidently present your results to management and make informed decisions

Key skills you'll take away immediately:

  • Learn to logically arrange the parts of your model and understand the design principles behind good modeling
  • Learn how to create and record Excel macros for your repetitive modeling functions
  • Understand how to use Excel macros to their fullest potential in your model building to save you time and frustration
  • Gain the comprehensive skills sets you need to become a capable Financial Modeler
  • Know what toolbox functions you'll need and which to customize to suit your needs
  • Understand scenario testing and other testing techniques you will need before you go "live" with any model
  • Accurately record historical and projected operating assumptions into your model
  • Easily link your income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows
  • Know how to quickly detect errors in formulas and correct them without adverse effects
  • Incorporate the best designs for usable spreadsheets, using input cells, cell names and financial functions
  • Create a flexible and robust financial model that can easily incorporate your own needs, changes and modifications over time
  • Become a pro at sensitivity analysis using the data tools available to you
  • Incorporate graphics and logical layout to create a "Presentable" model to professionally communicate results to others
  • Know how to link all of your worksheets for interactive modeling and valuation
  • Master the skills to create a model that will work for all types of valuations in all types of business and industry
  • Learn from a renowned course developer and course instructor with years of successful investment experience and solid teaching abilities
  • Quickly get up to speed as you "learn by doing" in this hands-on class  enjoy a fast-paced, boot camp approach to learning

Who Should Attend Financial Modeling Boot Camp

Anyone using Excel to create Financial models for decision making will benefit from this course, including:

  • Financial Analysts/ Sr. Financial Analysts
  • Valuation Professionals
  • Investment Professionals
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Specialists
  • Controllers
  • CFOs

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2 Days  

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KTCS can provide this training privately for any group.  If you have 3 or more people needing this training please call 866-444-6548 or email info@ktcs.biz