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Advanced Financial Modeling with Excel


Better Financial Statement Projections & Integrated Modeling Techniques For the Experienced Excel User

This course will teach you how to:

  • Review of the characteristics of a good, reliable model
  • In-depth use of NPV, XNPV, IRR and XIRR functions
  • How to use macros to more efficiently reflect change
  • Determining design specifications, what should come first
  • Using Excels Data Analysis ToolPak to its fullest potential
  • Improve your ability to develop formulas with Excel functions
  • Tracking actual versus projected financial results
  • Using Excel functions to build projections from historical data
  • Financial forecasting using Excel functions and tools
  • How to build a dynamic enterprise model
  • Using the Excel Auditing Tools Effectively
  • Using Excels Sensitivity Tools: Data Tables and Scenario Manager
  • Advanced Excel Functions and Tools

Advanced Excel Techniques for Experienced Financial Professionals

Spreadsheet-based modeling is fundamental for financial analysis in every business, from pharmaceuticals to money managers, and Excel is the predominant application for solid, reliable and accurate financial modeling. Crucial decisions are made based on these models  a lot rest on your results. So often, experienced financial professionals have learned on the fly creating a financial model  never learning to construct a model with expanded capabilities and sophistication.

Build A Better Financial Model  Multidimensional with Expanded Capabilities

This two-day program will expand your modeling techniques and Excel skills. Youll systematically plan, construct, test and implement a superior financial model thats multidimensional with expanded capabilities. You already know the finance, now youll have the advanced Excel skills to build an even better model. Youll learn a step-by-step process for planning and executing your model, using all of the powerful tools, macros and advanced features that Excel can offer. Youll understand how each piece of construction and data input affects your reports and how your data interacts. Youll have everything in place to construct a solid, well-built and well-tested Financial Model.

Hit the Ground Running!

You already have Excel skill, basic modeling experience, and you know the components of a financial statement  now learn the complex formulas and topics that enhance your financial modeling and your decision-making. If youre an analyst, planner, director, mergers/acquisitions specialist, buy/sell side, in any valuation applications  this course is for you.

More details about this course:

This is a Hands-On course. Please bring a laptop computer!

The best way to learn how to model is to "learn by doing". Please bring a laptop computer running Microsoft Excel 2003 or higher. This is the most popular and most accepted software for developing and building financial models today. Remember to have, if possible, the Data Analysis Toolpak and Solver loaded on your laptop. Although this course focuses primarily on Excel 2003 running on the Windows XP operating system, experience thus far has shown that the course also works well for registrants who are using Excel 2007 running on Vista.

Successful High Level Modeling  Sophisticated, Advanced, step by step

  • A quick review corporate finance concepts - what's in a model?
  • Learn the "right way to think" when planning your model
  • Learn to use Excel tools and functions to their fullest potential
  • Learn the order in which you need to construct your model
  • Understand formulas and macros - how they work for you
  • Using standard financial metrics in your model - which must be embedded
  • Learn to use the right testing tools - and measure results
  • Creating a more sophisticated model for advanced valuation

Immediately Useful Benefits of Attending This Two-day Boot Camp

  • 1.Learn to model in the standard MS Excel - understanding the software toolset from top to bottom
  • 2.Know the characteristics that differentiate a good financial model from an average one
  • 3.Understand the difference between Absolute and Relative Macros
  • 4.Learn how to enter array functions correctly
  • 5.Learn the most efficient way to set up an assumptions worksheet
  • 6.Plan your comprehensive design specs - knowing the order in which to build each component
  • 7.Know the toolbar inside and out, what you can customize, what you shouldn't
  • 8.Know simple and multiple linear regression; exponential smoothing; linear, quadratic and exponential forecasting
  • 9.Know what features must be embedded into your model for reality and acceptable range results
  • 10.Learn to use named ranges and other tools to make navigation easier throughout the model
  • 11.Understand the three primary financial statements and how they interact in a financial model
  • 12.Understand how key sub-models can drive outcomes of financial statements
  • 13.Build models to perform Valuation, IRR, NPV and other management information
  • 14.Understand how assumptions effect change on your components
  • 15.Auditing and testing your model without reexamining every single step
  • 16.Understand how to effectively test each component of your financial model before you go live!
  • 17.Understand how to effectively use mission critical tools: PivotTables, Scenarios, DataTables and Goal Seek.
  • 18.Be comfortable with problem solving techniques within Excel and helpful insights into using Goal Seek effectively
  • 19.Understand Descriptive Statistics, how they affect your model
  • 20.Use Excels built in auditing tools with ease, and dependability

Who Should Attend This Course:

Anyone using Excel to create Financial models for critical decision making will benefit from this advanced course, including:

  • Financial Analysts/ Sr. Financial Analysts
  • Valuation Professionals
  • Investment Professionals
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Specialists
  • Controllers
  • CFOs

If youre already creating models in Excel, this program is designed to help fine-tune your skills to develop the best possible model for your application.


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You already have Excel skill, basic modeling experience, and you know the components of a financial statement  now learn the complex formulas and topics that enhance your financial modeling and your decision-making. If youre an analyst, planner, director, mergers/acquisitions specialist, buy/sell side, in any valuation applications  this course is for you.

2 Days  

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