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Cyber Security Boot Camp


Hands-on Training for Threat Identification, Mitigation and Prevention

Effective security begins and ends with the user. The goal of the Cyber Security Practitioner Boot Camp is to teach students the key principles of network defense and equip them with tools to prevent some of the most common threats from being successful. While most security courses today focus on hacking tools used to exploit systems and networks, this course is designed around the goal of prevention. In this Boot Camp, students will examine the types and classes of attacks that exist, learning how and why these attacks are effective.

Taught by security consultants with real-world experience, the course will provide attendees with knowledge and skills to identify when an attack is occurring. Through demonstration, discussion and hands-on labs, our course will demystify some of the most recent and alarming cyber security threats and prepare attendees to face them in their daily job no matter what their role within an organization.

What You Will Learn:

  • Limit private information being stored on the Internet
  • Deploy encryption to secure email
  • Determine the true origins of email and web traffic
  • Detect and analyze network or host scanning attempts
  • Understand and apply the principal of Defense in Depth
  • Implement effective Anti-virus software
  • Write and apply an Access Control List
  • Recognize the signs of a spoofed website
  • Understand the use of encryption to address Confidentiality, Integrity, Authentication and Non-Repudiation
  • Read log reports of a Firewall or IDS to detect attack attempts
  • Key concepts and information to prepare for taking the Security+ certification exam

To 10 Reasons to Take This Course:

  • Increase your security knowledge to take control of your cyber security plan
  • Protect your private information when using the Internet
  • Prevent loss of information due to corruption
  • Understand the Hacking Cycle
  • Protect your private communications via email
  • Design solutions that are both functional and secure
  • Protect computer assets from fraud and abuse
  • Identify weakness in security policies or practices
  • Understand common security attacks
  • Learn to leverage devices to achieve security goals

If you are involved in IT and information management, you need to attend!

The Cyber Security practitioner Boot Camp was written with the goal of expanding the IT professional's security knowledge base. Any IT pro with a desire to learn about real-world network threats and prevention techniques will benefit from this course.

Specific job roles include:

  • IT Managers
  • IT Consultants
  • System Administrators
  • VOIP Designers
  • VOIP Implementers
  • Help Desk Professionals
  • Security Administrators
  • Managers
  • End Users

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4 Days  

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