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Managing Multiple Projects


Trying to keep numerous projects and assignments going at the same time involves multiple risks, multiple stakeholders, and multiple functional managers who allocate resources. In order to manage multiple projects expertly, you must prioritize and delegate wisely - not an easy feat in todays complex environment. To succeed, you need to understand how risk, human resources, and schedules must be integrated ... how to stay on top of multiple areas of concern as you move through your day.

This course presents techniques for identifying what constitutes your individual portfolio, establishing priorities, sharing resources across multiple projects, and managing your day to day responsibilities.

Desired Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Establish current workload
  • Recognize and evaluate priorities
  • Establish integrated schedules
  • Apply integrated schedule techniques
  • Manage risk on concurrent projects
  • Employ strategies that can help you devote more of your time to value-added activities

Course Outline

  • Identifying Workload
  • Determining differences between categories of projects, assignments, and chores
  • Identify the importance of project commonalties
  • Understanding why project management tools are less basic across multiple projects
  • Importance of solid team building skills
  • Types of project reporting
  • Project Integration Management

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Project management experience helpful.  
2 Days  

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