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The Empowered Manager


Leadership  Communication  Team Building  Productivity  Performance  

This course will teach you immediate skills for:

  • Ten Tips for Effective Time Management
  • Delegating, Motivating, and Leading
  • A Five Step Coaching Model
  • Performance Appraisals and Problem Employees
  • Productive Meeting Techniques
  • Managing Multiple Projects and Priorities
  • Mentoring and Performance Enhancement
  • Understanding the "Three Cs" of Change
  • Management Techniques for Dealing with Diminishing Resources
  • Productivity and Motivational Tactics
  • Six Steps to Visibility and Acceptance
  • Increasing Your Worth and Value

Special Bonus: Includes a Free Copy of Its OK to Be the Boss by Bruce Tulgan

Greater Communication, Team Building, Productivity, Performance, and Leadership.

Align Values, Goals and Vision.

No matter the career path or journey you take, becoming a leader holds many challenges. You are faced with responsibilities, goals and tasks that not only require your talents, but those of your entire staff. Juggling responsibilities, team members, shifting company goals, difficult situations and decisions, all require a confident, skilled Manager. This two-day program will enhance your skill sets and recharge your commitment to performing a superb job.

Not an Overview  Proven Real-World Techniques for Better Management

Through an engaging, step-by-step approach, youll discover in full detail what makes a Manager a great Leader. With practical, real-world insight, your expert instructor will provide tips, tricks and techniques that you can quickly put into action back at the office. Through case studies and in-class exercises, you do not just learn by simply managing in an ideal textbook environment, but more importantly how to deal with a difficult environment...the tough stuff. This two-day program will help you as a manager, better maintain control, remain focused and learn to be more confident in dealing with difficult issues and uncomfortable situations such as; reorganization, dysfunctional employees, financial restrictions, staff cuts and other challenging issues. Through an in-class, self assessment, you will better understand your own value and assets and how to channel your unique skills and personality to become a better Manager. Your effectiveness as a leader and your worth to your organization will increase dramatically with this comprehensive management training program.




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Professionals looking for tools and techniques to ensure their management and leadership capabilities.

This Management program has been developed for new managers or managers who assumed their role with little or no support or training. Seasoned managers will also benefit greatly by filling in gaps of their skill sets and to gain a fresh outlook and new insights and ideas of change, growth and future advancement.

2 Days  

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