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T1, DS3 and SONET Fundamentals


This course covers the three core layer ingredients of telecommunication transport which are T1, DS3 and Fiber networks. One or more of these elements are part of almost every network and provide connectivity throughout the system. Each section focuses on the supporting technology, testing requirements, test equipment set-up and results interpretation.

T1 and DS3 Fundamentals cover the technologies surrounding copper or radio based T1 and T3 networks. The material includes typical network configurations and operation of T1 circuits in larger networks. This course also covers common test patterns and ANSI testing standards at the DS1 and DS3 level. The class can be conducted either with or without test equipment.

SONET Fundamentals is designed to teach SONET as a technology. Course includes a detailed overview of the SONET frame structure and discusses traffic applications (T1, DS3, ATM, Frame Relay, etc.) and testing requirements.

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