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Google Plus for Business: Getting Started


This Google Plus training course will introduce you to the rich opportunities of Google's social network and how to take advantage of them.

Google Plus may be the most misunderstood and most underrated social network ever introduced. This has occurred not only because of a (false) perception that nobody uses it, but also because most social media experts and pundits don't understand its real power and value. This 1day, handson Google Plus training course will put you ahead of the competition by helping you capitalize on the advantages of using Google Plus for business.

Simply put, the incredible value of Google Plus is seen in two areas: its dramatic ability to influence Google Search, and its proven potential to connect with new leads and customers you might otherwise have missed.

But in order to take advantage of that value you have to first have a good understanding of what Google Plus is (and isn't), how it works, and how to create well-optimized profile and build following and influence.

Why Does Google Plus Matter?

While most businesses have some idea of the value of social media marketing, too many have a too-limited vision for its power and potential. They may understand that it is a great way to broadcast messages, or engage with existing and potential customers, but their uses for it typically go no further

When Google Plus was introduced in June of 2011, it was a game changer in ways few realized at the time (or even now). Google was clear from the start that they intended to integrate Google Plus into all-things Google, to make it the "social layer of Google," and everything they have done since has confirmed that vision.

When one considers that Google is the most powerful portal to influence online (the world's largest search engine, most-viewed video platform, most-used mapping software, etc.) it becomes clear that ignoring the social network that influences all that would be foolish.

Even though Google Plus is growing rapidly (by many independent measures, it is now the second largest social network worldwide), in many business verticals it is still time to be an early adopter, and gain advantages that one's competition will have a hard time overcoming.

What You Will Learn in this Google Plus training course:

  • Why Google Plus is not just an "also ran" social network.
  • Why and how Google Plus can give you an edge in getting discovered by new potential customers that no other social network an offer.
  • The incredible importance to your business of the fact that Google Plus is being integrated into all things Google.
  • The secrets of Google Plus profiles and pages that get found and followed.
  • A thorough knowledge of all major Google Plus features (as well as a few lesser-known but powerful ones!).
  • The secrets to creating content on Google Plus that gets engaged and widely shared.
  • How to begin building following and influence on Google Plus.
  • How to take advantage of creating a powerful association between your Google Plus page and your business web site.
  • How to use Google Plus features such as Hangouts and Communities to increase your brand's influence way beyond Google Plus itself.
  • BONUS: You will leave this class with a fully-functioning, well-optimized, ready-to-grow presence on Google Plus.

Google Plus is a tool of use to anyone involved in the interactive, customer service, or marketing departments of a business should have as core knowledge. If you have any involvement or interest in spreading a message to a targeted audience and attracting to your business qualified leads and customers, this course is for you.

  • Interactive Directors
  • Marketing Managers and Specialists
  • Brand Managers
  • Social Media Managers and Specialists
  • Community Managers
  • Public Relations Professionals
  • Customer Service Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Account Executives
  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors
  • Copywriters
  • Business Owners

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1 Day  

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