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Quick Test Professional 9.5 Essentials


This course provides a comprehensive understanding of using QuickTest Professional 9.5 as an automated functional testing tool. You will use the point and click interface to record and play back tests, add synchronization points and verification steps, and create multiple action tests. Once tests are created, you will discover and correct common record and play back problems. In addition, you will learn to use Expert View to create steps that work with dynamic objects and data, use VBScript conditional and looping statements to control the flow of your tests and components, and use Data Table methods and database connection objects to retrieve external data. All topics are supported by hands-on exercises based on real-life examples.

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Working knowledge of:   

  • Windows
  • Web sites and browsers  
  • Testing concepts


New users of QuickTest who need to automate manual testing and verification in a short amount of time  Quality assurance engineers who will assume technical lead roles in the use of QuickTest Professional.  Other users of QuickTest Professional who need to customize and enhance their automated tests using scripting.

5 Days  

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