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WebSphere MQ Bootcamp for COBOL/C/JAVA Programmers



This course is designed to provide solid technical knowledge for the student to begin coding applications using IBMs WMQ MQI using choice of language programs. This class contains hands-on exercises for a variety of common message type programs. Application design concepts in some typical environments will also be covered.


This course is designed for WMQ applications designers and developers.


  • Middleware introduction
  • Use MQ with SOA and ESB
  • WMQ structure
  • WMQ Application Interface (MQI)
  • Detail MQI calls
  • Application advanced topics
  • System and application design
  • WMQ advanced topics
  • Review questions
  • Coding exercises


Students must have experience in one of the programming languages. Knowledge of databases or transaction management is also desirable

5 Days  

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