KT-AS540 System i High Availability Clusters (HASM) and Independent Disk Pools (IASP) Training - Minneapolis, Minnesota IT MN Technical Financial New York, NY
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System i High Availability Clusters (HASM) and Independent Disk Pools (IASP)


High Availability (HA) in an I5/OS environment is achieved with the implementation of a i5/OS independent disk pool (Independent Auxiliary Storage Pool (IASP*) and the newly announced V6R1 function 5761-HAS i5/OS High Availability Solutions Manager After creating an independent disk pool, data and applications are migrated from system disk space to the independent disk pool. Then, using geographic mirroring (Cross-site mirroring (XSM)), or IBM System Storage Copy Services, the disk pool can be made highly available. Successfully implementing a continuously available environment requires knowledge of the application, data, and end-user requirements. Examine the considerations for a well-coordinated continuously available environment using i5/OS cluster support. Learn about many of the concepts from a series of presentations and gain practical experience through hands-on lab exercises. Learn to:

Create disk pools (IASP) and place highly available objects into them

Use the methods that allow users to access information in a disk pool

Manage an environment with multiple disk pools (server consolidation) Define an availability Environment using 5761-HAS i5/OS High Availability Solution Manager

Compare and contrast the different options available for implementation under 5761-HAS High Availability Solutions Manager: (Geographic Mirroring using i5/OS IASP Mirroring Technologies; Metro Mirror using IBM System Storage Copy Services,i5/OS IASP and Clustering; Global Mirror using IBM System Storage Copy Services, i5/OS IASP and Clustering)

Make data and applications continuously available

Create and manage an i5/OS family cluster

Use the fundamentals of problem determination and correction in an i5/OS cluster

Create a geographic mirror (XSM) disk pool

Establish and manage an environment with continuously available application objects using a geographic mirror disk pool

Maintain consistent copies of key system objects like user profiles through operating system cluster resource services

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Working knowledge of an iSeries system is benefical, but is not required.

4.5 Days  

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