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QOS Implementing Cisco Quality of Service


Cisco Course v2.3 | Prepares you for Cisco Exam 642-642 QOS.

This Authorized Cisco 5-day course gives you the knowledge and skills required to design, implement, and troubleshoot Quality of Service (QoS) on a network. The course addresses the essential QoS technologies and applications for both Service Provider and Enterprise networks. Successful implementation of the techniques taught in this course will have a dramatic impact on critical network application performance.

We've enhanced our labs beyond what you'll find in a standard Authorized Cisco QoS course. Work with real VoIP and real data rather than simulated voice and data. Labs include voice calls between Cisco IP phones and HTTP web page downloads and FTP file transfers from a server to student workgroup PCs. Traffic generators are used to inject additional simulated traffic into the lab environment to cause network congestion.

Enhancements include

Testing Voice QualityMake voice calls, listen to real voice quality, and observe the effects of delay and jitter rather than relying on pings to test voice quality.We offer you a real-world experience with IP telephones in place of a "what if" exercise offered in standard lab situations. 

QoS on Data Applications 

Use your workgroup PC to download web pages and FTP files from a server. Observe the benefits of QoS for data applications on congested networks and see web page refreshes while observing FTP file transfers in real time. In the standard QoS course, students look at counters on their routers to observe the effects of QoS on data applications.

Real Phones in Labs 

  • We've added real IP telephones to the QoS lab exercises. In the RTP header compression lab and the Link Fragmentation and Interleave labs, you can not only hear the results, but you can display drop and jitter counters on the phone itself. 
  • The standard QoS course does not offer telephones in the labs. Rather, students rely on counter statistics on the routers to judge what voice calls will sound like - a method that alters their perception of the effect on voice quality. 

Call Manager Express is employed in our labs to control the student IP telephones. 

Auto QoS for the Enterprise 

We've added an exclusive lab on Cisco's Auto QoS for the Enterprise, a feature used to automatically configure QoS for data, voice, and video applications. Using NBAR to dynamically discover network applications, Auto QoS for the Enterprise applies best practice QoS policies tailored to the type and quantity of traffic loads. This lab is not part of the standard QoS course.

What You'll Learn

  • Building blocks of IP QOS 
  • Configure AutoQoS on WAN routers and on Catalyst access switches and monitor the results 
  • Configure FIFO and WFQ queuing on WAN routers and measure and analyze network performance 
  • Configure WRED on WAN routers to control which traffic is dropped during congestion 
  • Configure CBWFQ and LLQ on WAN routers to provide bandwidth and latency guarantees 
  • Configure COS-to-queue mapping and WRR queuing on the Catalyst 2950 switch

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Completion of Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices (ICND) or Cisco CCNA® certification

5 Days  

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