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IPCAR Cisco IPCC Advanced Reporting


Duration: 2 Day Hands-on Lab & Lecture Course  


The Cisco? IPCC Advanced Reporting class curriculum addresses technical aspects of reporting in the Cisco Intelligent Contact Management (ICM) IP Call Center (IPCC) reporting environment. Although focused on IPCC implementation, participants with traditional installations also benefit from the course. To lay the groundwork necessary for advanced reporting concepts, the course provides a detailed examination of how ICM components work together to generate the reporting data.

Students build reporting knowledge while participating in hands-on exercises based on common requirements encountered in the field. The course focuses on the basic implementation of a Webview template, intermediate report design and construction, and concludes with implementation of custom extract from the call detail tables. After completing the course, participants have a full understanding of the reporting environment, methods for determining when customization is required, gathering and documenting custom requirements and proven techniques for extracting and summarizing call detail data.

Please note: Students need to provide their own Windows-based laptops and 15-ft-or longer ethernet cables.


  • Describe the ICM environment
  • Describe a typical call flow
  • Name key database tables
  • Describe key formulas for ICM call statistics
  • Use Infomaker to format and create templates
  • Add custom templates to Webview
  • Navigate and query the ICM database schema
  • Identify and understand key fields of call detail records
  • Compare and validate detail call records with summary data
  • Access the need for customization
  • Construct and execute a basic custom extract
  • Describe reporting best practices

Who Should Attend

  • Database programmers who will be responsible for analysis of call-center reports
  • Call Center professionals who will be responsible for analysis of call-center reports
  • Individuals who are responsible for the creation of customer-specific ICM and/or IPCC reports

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  • Call-center experience
  • SQL programming experience
2 Days  

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