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Modern Software Project Management


There is a wealth of information on project management. But unfortunately, we have come to realise that only a small fraction applies to software project management.  This course is about new practices and new ideas project managers ought to consider to

make their software development projects succeed. What makes software development in project management? Why did the traditional approaches to project management used in other industries fail in software endeavours? This course will include a critique of the thermostat model of management of WBS (Work Breakdown Structure), Gantt and PERT charts, and much of the common wisdom represented in the PMBOK, for example. We will look at how a new breed of techniques and tools are emerging, more suited to software development, with iterative development and agile methods: XP, Scrum, Lean Development, Adaptive development, RUP, and how to reconcile the new with the old.

"He that will not apply new remedies must expect old evils." (Francis Bacon, Essays, 1561-1626).

This course integrates traditional software project management practices with agile project management practices enabling the participants to create a software project management process that is both well focused and connected to reality.

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Developers, and software project managers; some practical experience of software

development projects is required.

3 Days  

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