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ITIL v3.0 Foundations Exam Preparation Boot Camp


We offer several different options for this course.  Please also see KT-ITIL, KT-2828, KT-2833 and XIL100 for our other courses.

ITILs best practices in IT Service Management are being embraced by major corporations to enhance opportunities to gain more contracts, increase profits, and secure a "bigger piece of the service pie." This course prepares you with the skills to complete the ITIL V3 Foundation certification. This introduction course will set the pace for merging your organizations needs with certified personnel.

This course will teach you:

  • Benefits of IT Service Management
  • The benefits of implementing each ITIL process
  • Business and IT Alignment  the connection
  • The Five Phases of the IT Service Management Lifecycle
  • Common Terminology
  • Service Strategy  Manage IT Services as Strategic Assets
  • Service Design  Satisfy business needs with effective and efficient IT services
  • Service Transition  Manage change and deploy into production with confidence
  • Service Operation  Deliver, support and optimize production services
  • Continual Service Improvement  Learn from failures, capitalize on successes, and deliver better service tomorrow
  • Identifying the Voice of the Customer to unite IT Service and Customer Requirements
  • Defining the Budget, Accounting and Funding Reconciliations
  • Special Bonus: Receive a FREE test voucher for the ITIL exam (a $150 value) as
  • well as a free copy of ITIL V3 Foundation Handbook: Pocketbook from the
  • Official Publisher of ITIL.
  • Just as PMI has set the standards for Project Management around the world, ITIL is the most widely accepted approach to IT Service Management in the world. This two-day course introduces the fundamentals of IT Service Management (ITSM) based on Version 3 of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Originating in the UK, ITIL has been adopted for its proven ability to help IT departments cut costs and improve service. The purpose of the ITIL V3 Foundation certificate is to boost core competencies of the ITIL framework for accepted best practices.

IT is the worlds best success story. No industry has grown as fast or changed with such lightning speed. Yet IT service retains a lingering perception of being non-responsive to customer needs that can only be corrected by being better connected with the business component of the organization. ITIL practices can cut costs, improve support, and identify business opportunities. The ITIL V3 Foundation demonstrates how to incorporate ITIL principles easily and effectively. This two-day course prepares IT professionals with the key IT Service Management concepts and processes of ITIL V3 and offers them the skills to pass the one-hour, 40-question certification test to become ITIL V3 Foundation certified. This certification is the core and first step in the array of ITIL certifications and ASPE offers this fully accredited course to support your career goals.

This ITIL Exam Prep course includes handouts and references for use after the class, as well as practice sessions, quizzes, exam strategies, and test-taking tips. Our goal is to help you succeed in this critical skill certification. A test voucher is included as part of the course fee. ITIL V3 Foundation test is offered at Pearson VUE testing centers throughout the United States. Assistance to register will be part of the course. Test date and location will be based on individual choice.

Secure your training with an EXIN-approved training facility

The British government that controls ITIL has appointed EXIN (Examination Institute for Information Sciences) to provide accreditation for ITIL training worldwide. EXIN safeguards and guarantees the quality of IT Service Management training. EXIN is a global IT examination provider that establishes educational requirements and develops examinations as well as learning tracks in the field of IT. Being a accredited training provider, we offer potential candidates the best preparation for their EXIN exam. Offering this quality course, we are demonstrating its commitment to achieving excellence in quality management and meeting the IT industry's needs.

Immediate Benefits of Attending This ITIL Prep Boot Camp

  • 1.Develop the skills, information, and confidence to pass the ITIL V3 Foundations Certification Exam
  • 2.Recognize how IT Services create value for the business and the importance of IT Service Management in making this happen
  • 3.Acquire the key Concepts and Definitions  the key Principles and Models
  • 4.Ensure that IT capacity is cost-justified and matched to current and future business needs
  • 5.Discover world-class solutions to the most common IT service problems
  • 6.Realize the benefits of a methodical and systematic approach to IT service
  • 7.Determine how to protect a production environment and its services from disruption due to the release of changes
  • 8.Understand how IT and the business requirements can collaborate to improve overall productivity and efficiencies
  • 9.Move to a proactive relationship between IT and the customers and users of IT services
  • 10.Ensure the IT facilities and services can be recovered as required by the business
  • 11.Learn the difference between incidents, problems and known errors
  • 12.Utilize and build upon your existing knowledge base and experience to pass the Certification Exam
  • 13.Resolve to fix IT service problems  permanently
  • 14.Better manage customer expectations agreeing together about IT service level targets
  • 15.Discover how to become more proactive to ensure that customers' requirements are understood and met
  • 16.Implement standardized change management procedures to handle IT service changes efficiently and promptly with minimum adverse impact on service quality
  • 17.Account for all IT assets, configurations and services and ensure the accuracy of that information
  • 18.Present a single point of contact for IT customers to receive help, problem resolution and routine services
  • 19.Learn how each stage of the service lifecycle contributes to the overall service and how each process and role plays a part
  • 20.The course ends with a voucher for the one hour closed book multiple-choice test with 40 questions

This is a Workshop Course!

Attendees achieve skills in the integration of the Service Lifecycle and IT Business Requirements via ITIL V3. Workshops Include:

  • Mastering the ITIL principles to increase software and hardware success
  • Promoting ITIL processes for cost improvements in software deployment
  • Enhancing competitive advantage with ITIL Service Strategies
  • Increasing organizational value with ITIL contributions
  • Generating efficient audits through ITIL maturity
  • Daily exam practice and review sessions
  • Receiving the ITIL V3 Foundation Certification exam voucher  A $150 bonus value you receive FREE from ASPE when you attend
  • Participate in practical exam-oriented exercises:
  • In-class review exams focus your skills on the ITIL processes
  • and functions, but also the nature of the ITIL V3 Foundation Certification Exam itself. Analysis of the types of questions asked and the form the questions take. Participation in practice exams, allow you to secure valuable information, gain in recall of important facts and dramatically increase your test-taking skills.

Specifically, you will:

  • Answer sample exam questions based on information learned
  • Learn to identify the various ITIL processes
  • Gain skill to implement named processes into an organization
  • Identify the benefits and challenges of each ITIL process within organizations
  • Apply the ITIL models to working environment
  • Recognize the basic concepts, activities and roles related to each ITIL process
  • Gain practical on the job ITIL skills
  • Participate in lively discussions to enhance learning

We guarantee a passing score. If you do not pass the exam on your first try, we will provide you with a new test voucher! If you fail the second time, you can attend another session for free of charge!

Important Course Information:

  • The ITIL Foundation Certification Exam voucher is included in the course fee
  • Support for test site locations and enrollment for the ITIL Foundation Certification Exam is part of the course
  • Attendees can take the exam at their own designated time and place




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Who should attend


This course is for professionals seeking the opportunity to enhance their careers by gaining certification on the new ITIL V3 Foundation. There are NO prerequisites except the desire to pursue a better approach to service management and customer service. This course is especially useful for:

  • IT Managers
  • Application Developers
  • IT Consultants
  • Project Managers
  • Business Process Professionals
  • Systems Integrators
  • Business Analysts
  • IT Operations Managers
  • IT Operations and Support Professionals
  • Service Desk Managers
2 Days  

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