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Adobe Illustrator 10: Level 3


In this course, you will learn to use Adobe® Illustrator® to work with several graphic formats. You will create dynamic effects using patterns and brushes. You will also use advanced text manipulation techniques to effectively integrate text into your illustrations. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Import graphics that use several different file formats, both linked and unlinked, and export graphics and animations using several different file formats.
  • Create, edit, and apply tiled patterns, and design, customize, and employ special brushes to create dynamic visual effects.
  • Adjust the size of the artboard to create oversize prints, and reset the default angle to enable perspective drawing with guides.
  • Import and format text with advanced type editing options such as autohyphenation, smart punctuation, linked text boxes, and text wrapping.
  • Match colors between Illustrator and other applications that use color management.
  • Perform trapping to prevent gaps in printing due to potential misregistration.
  • Prepare to print a color separation and apply printer's marks to a document.

Benefits: Students will enhance their Illustrator skill set by delving into the most advanced drawing techniques and experimenting with different graphic formats, animations, patterns, type, and trapping.

Target student:  Anyone who has a large amount of experience using Illustrator, but who is looking to add to their knowledge of the latest, most advanced Illustrator tools and techniques, is an ideal student for this course.

What's Next:  Illustrator® 10: Level 3 is the last course in the Illustrator training series. If you are looking to expand your graphical creation capabilities by adding another Adobe graphics tool to your skill set, Knowledge Transfer also offers a full line of courses on Photoshop. The line begins with the course Photoshop® 7.0: Level 1.

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We designed Illustrator® 10: Level 3 for the student who has experience with Illustrator 10 and wants to move beyond the basic concepts. To ensure your success, we recommend you first take Illustrator® 10: Level 1 and Illustrator® 10: Level 2 or have equivalent knowledge.

1 Day  

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