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Adobe Illustrator Level 2


You probably used Adobe Illustrator, Illustrator 10, Illustrator CS2, Illustrator CS3, Illustrator CS4 and Illustrator CS5 to create simple illustrations and logos. However, you may need to create complex illustrations, print documents without any errors or color mismatches, or prepare illustrations for the web. In this course, you will create complex, robust illustrations that go beyond those you could create using Illustrator's basic tools. This class will be run on Illustrator CS5

Course Objective: You will create complex illustrations, manage color across a range of devices, and control how illustrations print, appear on the web and preview them in mobile devices.

Target Student: This course is intended for designers, publishers, pre-press professionals, marketing communications professionals, or people switching to a design job or taking on design responsibilities, who need to use Illustrator to create illustrations, logos, advertisements, or other graphic documents.  

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • create complex illustrations.
  • enhance complex illustrations.
  • create a vector version of a raster graphic.
  • create special effects.
  • work with graphs.
  • work with variables.
  • prepare documents for composite and commercial printing.
  • export graphics for the web and mobile devices.

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Before taking this course, you should complete the Adobe® Illustrator® Level 1 or have equivalent knowledge.


1 Day  

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