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Hands-On Power Excel for Project Managers


Advanced analysis tools for maximum performance  Achieve the best results with less resources through better planning, management and decision making. Become a turbocharged project manager!

Bonus CD: Those attending will receive an instructor-developed CD loaded with analytical tools, resources and customized templates .

This class teaches you:

  • Using pivot tables
  • Automating Function Keys
  • Regression and trend analysis
  • Statistical Process Charts
  • Sophisticated data analytics
  • Scatter Diagrams
  • Using data analysis add-in
  • PERT and Monte Carlo Analysis
  • Using Ppk and Cpk
  • Creating Pareto Charts
  • Calculating process control limits

Unleash the Power of Excel  Create High Performance Tools to Ensure Your Success as a Project Manager

Excel has long been a well established tool, used by most for rudimentary functions, not much more than simple spreadsheets and basic calculations. Excel holds hidden power for high-level analysis and complex reporting  it just has to be drawn out. As a Project Manager you have the capability of using Excel to easily help you in your day to day decision making on many levels. This hands-on workshop will help you create those tools, charts, graphs and projections that will become a key factor in your continued success.

The sophisticated reporting you need made simple

In two days, Project Managers will have the ability to create the customized charts, analytic tools and projection systems you need for any short and long range management objectives. You will get right to the good stuff  covering in detail the commands and capabilities that are available to you in Excel. Youll understand how function keys and tool bars can do much more than you thought and how simple setup and construction options can help you easily create complex tables, charts and projections. Youll also see how Excel can help simplify tasks such as sorting large volumes of data with accuracy and importing outside data with ease. You will know how to create formats and data sorts that fit your needs as a Project Manager­­­ the reliable tools to make your job a bit easier.

Reliable Tools and Analysis  Excel does the work!

From constructing a Monte Carlo analysis and statistical process charts to using pivot tables, youll create and use the reporting and analysis functions you need for any type of sophisticated reporting and analysis. Whats more, youll have dozens of practical options at your disposal and know the best analytical tool to use for your environment. As a project manager, you have enough on your plate, let Excel do the work!

Create the Management Tools and Build Excel Skills!

In this class, you'll cover..

  • Regression and trend analysis
  • Pareto Chart
  • PERT and Monte Carlo Analysis
  • Computing Process Capability
  • Probability Density and Cumulative Distributions
  • Statistical Process Charts
  • Automating Macros
  • Conditional Probability

Come to this class ready to get hands-on with Excel

This course is a fast-paced, hands-on workshop. Every student will be provided with a computer running Excel. Become comfortable interpreting trends, combining data sources, spotting problems areas and more. Guided by an expert instructor, you'll leave this course with the real-world experience you need to fully harness the powerful tools Excel has to offer back in your workplace.


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Who should attend

For the Project Manager, Data Analyst or Project Professional:

This high-level hands-on program is specifically developed and delivered to help you, as a Project Professional, in your day to day tasks by using the sophisticated and advanced decision making tools that Excel has available to you. Once up to speed, youll let Excel do the work, helping you manage and deliver projects on-time and in budget. Projections, trends, problem areas become more obvious, easy to track, easy to report and easier to correct, all with Excels ability and its at your disposal.

2 Days  

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This class is offered as a private training session only.  If you would like KTCS to deliver this class for your organization please call us at 866-444-6548..