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Introduction to C++ Programming


This course is a lab-intensive, hands-on training course intended for software engineers, programmers, and analysts who will use C++ to design and create programs. As C++ language becomes the foundational language for procedural and object-oriented programming, this course provides the skills required to read and understand C++ programs for maintenance and update purposes.

What You'll Learn

  • Facilities of C++ that make a better C
  • Concepts behind data hiding and encapsulation
  • Features of inheritance and polymorphism in program design
  • How C++ protects the programmer from implementation changes in other modules of an application
  • Object-oriented design techniques to real-world programming problems

Who Needs to Attend

  • Software engineers, programmers, and analysts who will be designing and creating programs using C++

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  • Prior experience in C++ programming (primarily language syntax) or COBOL or is especially recommended
  • Skills or training equivalent to these courses
  •          Mastering C Programming
  •          COBOL Programming Fundamentals
5 Days  

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