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Programming Web Services in Java


This one-week course prepares Java programmers to develop interoperable Java Web services and using SOAP, WSDL, and XML Schema.  Students get an overview of the interoperable and Java-specific Web services architectures, and then learn the standard APIs for SOAP messaging and WSDL-driven, component-based service development.  Both document-style and RPC-style messages and services are covered in depth

Audience Developers and other people interested in learning how to create and consume Web


Course Topics

  • Introduction to Web Services
  • XML Review
  • SOAP Fundamentals
  • Introduction to JAX-RPC
  • WSDL Fundamentals
  • Developing a JAX-RPC Service
  • Writing a JAX-RPC Client
  • Document Oriented SOAP
  • EJBs for Web Services
  • Web Services for J2EE
  • UDDI Fundamentals
  • Web Services Security

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You should have prior Java programming experience and experience working with XML.

These prerequisites can be satisfied by attending our :

XML Basics and Introduction to Java courses.

5 Days  

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