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Intermediate Java Programming


This course teaches programming in the Java language  the Java 2 Standard or J2SE platform.  It is intended for students with previous Java experience or training, who already know the fundamentals of the Java architecture and basic procedural programming.  This course provides in-depth coverage of object-oriented concepts and how to apply them to Java software design and development.  The latter part of the course moves key parts of the J2SE Core API, including collections, exception-handling, logging, streams, and object serialization.  The course software also includes an optional overlay of workspace and project files to support use of the Eclipse IDE in the classroom.  (This requires that the instructor be experienced in use of Eclipse and able to walk students through basic tasks in the IDE.)

This revision of the course targets the 5.0 version of the Java language and Core API.  (Java 5.0 is also known as Java 1.5, as this revision effects a transition to a new numbering scheme for the Java environment.)  It has been rebuilt thoroughly, not only to cover new 5.0 language features, but also to comb out old programming techniques in favor of new ones.  A special appendix to the course addresses practical issues of compatibility between 1.4 and 5.0 code, compilers, and runtimes, and discusses migration strategies.

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Students must be able to write, compile, test, and debug simple Java programs, using structured programming techniques, strong data types, and flow-control constructs such as conditionals and loops.  

5 Days  

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Monday, May 12:  First day of class only runs 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm