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Managing Linux or UNIX systems in a networked environment requires the ability to develop Shell Scripts to do routine and complex tasks. Not everyone whotakes this course however needs to write shell scripts like the administrators mentioned previously. Many students need only to read scripts. Many applications are installed using scripts and when that goes awry

the install script needs to be understood to fix the problem.

Audience: This class is intended for both systems administrators and users needing to understand and/or develop and maintain shell scripts.

Topics Covered:  Include shell environment variables, basic and complex looping statements, script arguments and their handling within the script, shell functions and function libraries, Here documents, shell arithmetic, select and eval commands, script debugging techniques and shell interprocess communication.

The advanced linux tools portion of this class include substantial coverage of the powerful awk programming language. Entire applications can be written in the awk language and since awk is an interpretive language useful throughout the enterprise, students get an in-depth look at how to utilize this powerful native tool to leverage the IT department's investment in linux and its many free native tools. 

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Fundamentals of Linux or Unix

5 Days  

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