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Is Your IT Organization A Strategic Asset?


The effective use of technology is key to the success of every enterprise. But 70% of IT organizations are still viewed by their business counterparts as cost centers, not value centers.  This course will show you how IT leaders can change that perception by offering a plan for building IT environments that exceed strategic goals, while nurturing unprecedented levels of productivity and job satisfaction.  This course will provide both "rules of thumb" and an intellectual framework for building and running an outstanding IT organization.  

Key topics include:

  • Defining IT strategy and making it operational     
  • Managing your human capital: recruiting, hiring, transitioning, mentoring, and managing performance       
  • Controlling the risks and expectations associated with any IT project        
  • Deepening relationships with line-of-business leaders, senior executives,and the boardroom        
  • Building a track record of success       
  • Reaping the benefits of standardization        

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This course is based on the book, Managing IT As An Investment.  Each student receives a copy of the book in advance of attending the workshop.