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Marketing Strategy: A Playbook for Business Success


Measuring the impact of marketing against revenue goals.

Marketing Strategy: A Playbook for Sales Success is a deep dive into the strategic thinking necessary to move marketing from being a cost center to being a profit center. The traditional and longstanding 4 Ps of marketing are dead. Today, marketing must be strategic and purposeful. Modern marketers must ensure that efforts to gain market share, influence and industry leadership reflect six critical elements that drive meaningful and measurable results.

By challenging the historically fragmented relationship between marketing, sales, and operations teams, participants will discover how to bridge the gap that keeps these inter-dependent business units siloed. Marketing promises it. Sales sells it. Operations delivers it. Whatever "it" is in your company, there's little doubt that the key to your company's profitability rests on the shoulders of marketers who fundamentally understand that the role of marketing (strategy) should never be confused with its function (tactics).

Industry Background

The marketing industry has transformed dramatically over the past decade. Today, marketers are faced with challenges that are both exciting and overwhelming. The impact of globalization has crushed the bedrock principles of the 4 Ps (price, product, promotion and place) and has left many marketers in a quandary about how to navigate the new landscape of the marketplace. New technologies, new ways of engagement and ever-evolving perspectives about doing business have made a day in the life of a modern-day marketer an exhausting game of how to make marketing measurable against metrics that matter.

Traditional marketing methodologies no longer work. Marketers must be resourceful in finding ways to get better results while adapting to the new marketplace. The principles, processes, and techniques required to win the game of marketing must be part of a cohesive framework that is both effective and transparent. Like the quarter-back of a championship team, marketers must be prepared to shift gears between knowing what's happening on the ground, knowing where the ball is in the air and knowing who to have on your team. To be effective in their roles, marketers must see every day as game day.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Develop a marketing playbook that supports the way your company sells
  • Measure the contribution, impact and value of marketing
  • Identify the key elements needed to develop a strategic marketing plan
  • Improve marketing performance by understanding the sales cycle
  • Create a 7-second sound bite to make your business introductions more effective
  • Strategize to boost prospecting, remarketing and conversion results
  • Allow marketing to make selling easier, faster and simpler
  • Answer the three questions that shape or break your marketing planning efforts
  • Capitalize on shifts, trends, and opportunities
  • Leverage the one thing that it takes to win in your industry

Those who attend include a variety of personnel and experience level. Support staff will gain insight into the necessity of strategy and build a foundation for marketing initiatives. Participants at management levels and above in the marketing hierarchy will enhance planning skills, learn how to better measure the impact of strategic marketing, align goals and develop an ally in the sales team, translate marketing efforts into metrics that support critical business goals and much more. Specifically, people who should take this course include:

  • Marketing Coordinators
  • Marketing Assistants
  • Executive Administrators of the Marketing Department
  • Marketing Managers
  • Directors of Marketing
  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Content Writers and Managers
  • Creative Managers

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2 Days  

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