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Building Your Brand: Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses


Launching a small business can require big support. Learn best practices for entrepreneurs and small business owners to help define your brand, establish your online presence, and master digital tools for immediate growth.

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. A report issued earlier this year by Babson and Baruch Colleges highlights a trend in the U.S. Based on their research started in 1999, the number of adults involved in start-ups in 2012 hit an all-time high, with an increase of 13%. And if you're a small business owner or idea generator you're feeling good about doing your own thing. In fact, the same study reports that 43 percent of Americans reported the highest confidence level since 2011 when it comes to good entrepreneurship opportunities (a 20% increase since 2011). This means understanding your market, how to compete, and establish your brand in the digital landscape as a small business or entrepreneur is more important than ever.

In this Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Course, you will learn some of the basics of business marketing, including how to gain efficiencies in making your business better. You'll also develop a deeper understanding of online marketing for small businesses, and learn the foundations to build an online presence for your brand in a fast, efficient, and focused approach. Through hands-on activity and a focus on digital marketing, you'll leverage Maps, Local Listings and Feed Providers, Social Media outlets, and other local sites to establish your brand online as well as best practices that you can immediately apply to your growing company.

Whether your idea is still incubating or you're ready to bring your product or service to the masses, this class will arm you with the fundamentals and hands-on application to take your business to the next level.

Top 10 Reasons to Take this Course:

  1. Navigating the digital marketing landscape can be overwhelming, but effective and fast navigation is possible with the right tools
  2. Understand the fundamentals of local marketing for a small business or entrepreneur and immediately apply them to your day-to-day
  3. Quickly develop a solid local marketing strategy best suited for your product / service - and your consumer
  4. Assess and select the best choice for online digital marketing across a multitude of providers
  5. Create an online brand and voice for social media outlets without additional dollars or head count
  6. Evaluate non-traditional social and local outlets for business marketing
  7. Establish search marketing skill to aid in identifying the most effective online search campaign strategy (engine agnostic)
  8. Create a low cost (or possibly no cost) marketing strategy for your business
  9. Understand and assess the local competition through research and immediate action
  10. Better understand the competition and eliminate wasted dollars on ineffective strategies

What you will learn:

  • Summarize the basics of local marketing, including best practices based on owner goals and business objectives
  • Demonstrate the ability to evaluate digital marketing options and quickly identify the most relevant options for your business
  • Evaluate the various search, social, and local specific online options and select the most effective option for your brand or business
  • Construct a social media plan for your business including identifying the best online portals
  • Facebook Business account, Twitter account, Google Plus and other relevant digital media outlets.
  • Describe the value of digital marketing tactics including social media outlets like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter
  • Construct a "starter" paid search marketing campaign that can easily be launched on Google or Bing
  • Fundamentals of search engine optimization including techniques and best practices by engine

Who Should Attend Building Your Brand Training

  • This course will be particularly helpful for small businesses or entrepreneurs that are beginning to evaluate their small business strategy including evaluating their competition, navigating the digital landscape, and launching your brand / persona online.

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Participants in this course should be familiar with the general concepts of both digital and traditional marketing as well as have a basic understanding of the digital landscape. Participants should have a passion for being scrappy and an openness to getting hands on with building their brand online.

2 Days  

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This class is a 2-Day Public Session and 3-Day Virtual Session