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Social Selling Boot Camp


Increase your sales volume just by being in the social selling game.

We are in a social revolution. A new age of social customer has emerged. This new order has radical implications for salespeople. The power once held by the sales representative as the keeper of knowledge is now shifting to the customer right before our eyes. The customer now holds the keys, and engaging with them is of critical importance.

Since our buyers are now very social, the implications for salespeople are significant. They have to understand that generating and nurturing leads, opportunities and closing deals now needs to include a different approach, a social approach. Whether it's B2B or B2C, the customer is expecting you to know exactly what they want, and they have already researched you online. That means sales intelligence and using the proper social media channels where the customer lives is critical.

This hands-on class will show you not only how to use social media tools, but how to harvest leads through Twitter, build relationships through Facebook and use Linkedin as a power selling source. This course teaches you how to get started using social selling techniques, find the right platform to fit your sales needs, listen to your customers nurture your leads with those platforms, and determine the best time of your sales funnel to use these tools. We will also help you build sales intelligence around social selling, help with social sales forecasting and analysis, and introduce you to tools used by the professionals. You will use these tools in class as you prepare to develop and improve your social selling skills.

In this course:

  • Harvest and nurture leads using social media
  • Learn the potential of your social selling skills using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more
  • Immerse yourself in the tools using the ASPE-ROI hands-on approach for social selling
  • Use low-cost prospecting to increase your commission
  • Learn how to nurture leads and correctly time communication throughout the sales funnel cycle using social media
  • Forecast and analyze your selling potential using social selling
  • Decide which platform(s) will work best for you
  • Build better relationships with your customers
  • Learn how to manage multiple platforms of social media to effectively engage, communicate and listen to your leads and customers

Top 10 Reasons to Attend This Course:

  • 1.Increase your sales volume
  • 2.Develop your prospecting potential through social media relationship building
  • 3.Attain followers on Twitter that you can communicate with instantaneously
  • 4.Save time on emails and phone calls by distributing your messages via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. that reach 10 times as many people in a fraction of the time
  • 5.Exceed your monthly and annual quotas
  • 6.Learn about niche social communities you could never find with traditional methods
  • 7.Develop lead generation strategies using your social networks
  • 8.Learn which channels are best for your business: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, all of the above
  • 9.Learn how to listen to your customer through social media channels
  • 10.Utilize your Facebook fans to become advocates of your product or service, creating more sales for you

Who should attend this course? Anybody who wants to gain leads and increase their sales:

  • Account representatives
  • Account associates
  • Account managers
  • Territory managers
  • Business managers
  • Business owners
  • Lead strategists
  • Team manager
  • Sales representatives
  • Sales managers
  • Business development professionals
  • Vice presidents of sales

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2 Days  

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