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Roadmap to Service Oriented Architecture


How to:

  • Clarify your companys definition of a Service Oriented Architecture
  • Integrate your Legacy Systems seamlessly
  • Explain the financial and technical importance of a Service Oriented Architecture up and down your management chain
  • Model your Enterprise IT
  • Model and design your Service Oriented Architectures
  • Leverage SOA patterns to enhance IT Interoperability
  • Use XML Schemas to define structured documents
  • Utilize XSLT Transformations to modify and display XML documents Exercise SOAP messaging for Service to Service Communications
  • Use WSDL Service Level Agreements do describe web service bindings
  • Take advantage of UDDI Universal Business Registries (UBRs) to publish/integrate web services
  • Apply WS-Platform basic standards
  • Apply Second Generation WS standards
  • Evaluate Service Oriented Architecture tools and vendors for your company

Immediate Benefits of Attendance

  • Model your companys Enterprise IT
  • Achieve interoperability between formerly disparate and/or legacy systems
  • Evaluate SOA tools and vendors for your company
  • Model your companys SOA
  • Enhance your business agility and flexibility
  • Support business process re-use, saving your company time and money
  • Maximize scalability for future endeavors
  • Use XML to Standardize Business Documents
  • Leverage a Schema to Define and Validate Business Documents
  • Utilize XSLT to improve productivity
  • Exercise SOAP to simplify data-access, and improve throughput
  • Use WSDL to standardize service description, enhancing interoperabilityTake advantage of UDDI to publish your web services, publicly or in-house
  • Leverage BPEL to streamline and standardize business processes
  • Implement Services based on WS standards enhancing your IT interoperability
  • Understand how SOA and.NET work together
  • Learn how SOA and J2EE will work together
  • Comprehend how C++ will integrate with your SOA
  • Distinguish how C# will integrate with your SOA

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2 Days  

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