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Microsoft Access 2000: Level 2


Access 2000: Level 2 will help you enhance your database designs by using the principles of data normalization and table relationships, querying multiple tables for data used in customized forms and reports, and using data access pages. Students will learn how to:

  • Normalize tables through fifth normal form.
  • Establish relationships between tables and enforce referential integrity.
  • Maintain data integrity in tables by setting properties, creating a Lookup list, and creating indexes.
  • Use queries to calculate expressions and extract data from multiple tables.
  • Improve form designs by adding bound controls, calculated fields, and a combo box.
  • Create and modify data access pages, and integrate data with other applications.
  • Create and modify reports with the Report Wizard and Design View, add a subreport, and add a calculated control.

Target Student: Students enrolling in this course should have a basic level of understanding of the Access 2000 interface, and should have experience designing tables, simple queries, forms, and reports.

Benefits:  Students will learn how to take the guesswork out of creating databases by using data-normalization techniques. They will learn how to take advantage of relational database efficiency to maintain data by establishing relationships and enforcing referential integrity. In addition, students will save data entry time by using sound table design techniques to control data entry and automate tasks. Students will also benefit by becoming familiar with Access features that will enable them to customize forms and reports, and to share data over an intranet or the Internet by creating and using data access pages.

What's Next: Access 2000: Level 2 is the second course in this series. Access 2000: Level 3, the final course in this series, teaches students how to use a variety of query techniques, and how to create more efficient forms and reports, and macros.

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Students should take Access 2000: Level 1 or have equavalent knowledge.

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