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Ultimate Microsoft Project 2010 Exam Prep Boot Camp Microsoft Certification Exam 70-178


This intensive three-day boot camp delivers the fundamental through intermediate level scheduling skills that you need to manage projects successfully with Microsoft Project 2010, and prepares you for the Microsoft 70-178 certification exam (Microsoft Project 2010, Managing Projects).

Mastering the Microsoft Project scheduling engine is the key to enjoying your work with the software. This course shows you how to drive the tool through each stage of the project management life cycle and offers multiple best practices for using the software while defining, planning, executing, and closing a project. Although framed around PMIs project life cycle, the course content is methodology-agnostic and focuses on hands-on learning methods. As you learn how to manage projects properly using Microsoft Project 2010, you will also master the foundational through intermediate knowledge needed for the challenging Microsoft 70-178 certification exam.

As preparation for the 70-178 certification exam, each student receives the following:

  • A copy of the 740-page Ultimate Study Guide: Foundations Microsoft Office Project 2010 book, which serves as both the course manual and a valuable reference book
  • A detailed Preparation Guide document detailing the competencies and knowledge required to pass the certification exam
  • An in-class practice exam that simulates the actual certification exam
  • Guidance from a Microsoft Certified IT Professional instructor who has taken and passed each of the certification exams for Microsoft Project 2010 and Project Server 2010

For courses taken via Cyberspace, each participant must use his or her own computer to access the virtual training environment. A high-speed internet connection is recommended. Participants do not need to have Microsoft Project installed in order to participate in the hands-on exercises.

Target Audience:

Everyone who manages projects using Microsoft Project 2010 should take this course, whether in an enterprise or desktop-only environment. We target this course at the needs of full-time project managers, as well as those who function as project schedulers or project support technicians. If you need to take the Microsoft 70-178 certification exam, this course is especially for you!

Learning Objectives:

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the stages of the project management process
  • Understand the Microsoft Project user interface
  • Understand the Microsoft Project Data Model as it relates to Views, Tables, Filters, and Groups
  • Define a new project using a 6-step process
  • Perform all required task planning and understand how to use task dependencies and task constraints properly
  • Add resources to a project and assign resources to tasks
  • View the Critical Path in a project
  • Save a baseline for a project
  • Enter task progress using three different methods of tracking progress
  • Analyze project variance
  • Create custom Views, Tables, Filters, and Groups
  • Revise a project based on project variance
  • Change a project based on change control methodologies and re-baseline the project using multiple methods
  • Report on project progress by printing Views and Reports, and by using Visual Reports with Microsoft Office Excel and Visio
  • Close a project
  • Define a custom Outline Code field to contain hierarchical data
  • Create and use Cost resources
  • Perform Earned Value Analysis (EVA) on a project
  • Import and export project data with another application
  • Create a shared Resource Pool file for a master project
  • Prepare to take the Microsoft 70-178 certification exam (Microsoft Project 2010, Managing Projects)

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Although not required, it is helpful for students to have hands-on project management experience or a general understanding of project management principles

3 Days  

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