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Hands-On Deploying and Configuring Microsoft Exchange Server 2010


3 days of lab-intensive, hands-on training: Learn to roll out Exchange 2010 in the real world!

In this class, you will learn:

  • Public Folder Architecture
  • HUB Transport Roles
  • Antivirus & Anti-Spam Systems
  • Messaging Security
  • Customizing Roles
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Configuring Client Access
  • Auditing, Journalizing, Archiving
  • Much more!

A Successful Exchange 2010 Experience Is All In The Configurations. Learn It All Here With No Time Wasted!

Whether you wrestled with the old version of Exchange, or youre just now making the investment to Exchange Server 2010, theres a lot to know. Maybe the major learning curve of years ago is not as evident. The product looks strikingly similar to the old version, yet there are major changes on the back side of 2010 that make your one-stop messaging system more flexible, easier to use and easier to customize to your needs.

There have been changes under the hood of Exchange Server 2010, all to make the product more flexible, scalable and available. You have to have the full picture and skill to make the right moves in your installation and configuration. Its all about how you create your plan  for integration and configuring the components and roles  that will make the 2010 product worth your investment of time, money and resources.

Make The Right Moves When Bringing Your Exchange Server 2010 Online

This three-day class will cut to the chase, offering you just what you need to know. It does not explain features irrelevant to you or make a sales pitch. Learn whats been changed with 2010, including how the install will go for you, where the bugs and glitches will be and how to overcome them. The 36 hands-on labs show you how configurations will work first hand  how you need to set up Roles such as Client Access, Mail Box Server Roles, clustering roles and more; how you will have this system set up and running ensuring that down the line the management and maintenance become easier. The work and hard stuff is up front  get the help you need to get it right in three days.

26 Hands-On Labs: Get Right to the Important Stuff!

Configuration and operation! With dozens of other how to hands on labs, youll cover configuration techniques on:

  • 1.Mail Box Server Roles
  • 2.Client Access Roles
  • 3.Address Lists
  • 4.POP3 and IMAP Protocols
  • 5.Outlook Web Express
  • 6.Mobile Messaging Units
  • 7.Message Transport
  • 8.Security for Internet Email
  • 9.HUB Transport Roles
  • 10.Clustering Roles
  • 11.Transport & Edge Transport Policies
  • 12.Internet Message Delivery

If youre an administrator or analyst, you need to attend! Taught by one of the nations most respected collaboration software experts.

The immediate benefits of attending this hands-on training: In three days  Hit the ground running with Exchange Server 2010. Get all the know-how to get it configured and up and running!

  • 1.Understand the strict requirements and prerequisites to deploying Exchange 2010
  • 2.Know how to design, develop and implement a solid action plan for your migration to Exchange Server 2010; what needs to be customized and resources in place
  • 3.With Exchange Server 2010, you can now move mailboxes from one server to another without significant impact on services
  • 4.Safely and effectively migrate your current information storage and other key data
  • 5.Use the potential of Exchange's increased scalability and availability
  • 6.Design an Infrastructure to best utilize Client Access Servers
  • 7.Know how to design and plan servers and storage models with Exchange 2010
  • 8.Learn the new roles that Outlook, Outlook Web Access (OWA) and Windows Mobile client will have with your Exchange 2010 environment
  • 9.Build a security strategy for your custom messaging environment
  • 10.Completely leverage all the new features and enhancements included in Exchange Server 2010
  • 11.Successfully integrate Exchange Server 2010 with the existing software and systems your organization already has in place
  • 12.Learn to work with built-in Exchange Tools, Message Tracking, Performance Monitor, Event logs and more
  • 13.Create and implement messaging policies and compliance
  • 14.Learn to correctly configure your Internet message and mobile message delivery
  • 15.Successfully implement your messaging transport and client access features
  • 16.Design your companys public folder architecture using the features available in Exchange 2010Leave class knowing how to deploy and configure every role needed when using Exchange Server 2010
  • 17.Get a complete grasp of the improved capabilities of Exchange database engine and the Client Access server.
  • 18.Know how to effectively and safely backup Exchange databases with recovery techniques but maintaining easy access for users
  • 19.Understand client access options, weaknesses and strengths including Outlook Web Access, Outlook
  • 20.Client, and mobile messaging
  • 21.Have the immediate skill and expertise to configure every role necessary within Exchange Server 2010 for maximum performance and easiest maintenance
  • 22.Understand and anticipate installation and configuration issues you will face before they become an issue  know the hurdles to overcome and how you want to configure each role for a smooth transition
  • 23.Get a working knowledge and hit the ground running back at the office by knowing what you are doing and how to configure Exchange Server 2010  experience 36 hands on labs that cover it all

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Who Should Attend this Course:

This hands-on course is intended for IT professionals, network administrators, and help desk professionals who want to gain knowledge on how to migrate, design, deploy, manage, and secure Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. No experience with Exchange Server is necessary, but the attendees should have at least 3 years experience in systems administration, network administration, or help desk.

  • Exchange Administrators
  • System Analysts
  • Network Administrators
  • Network Engineers
  • Technical Support Engineers
  • Technical Support Specialists
  • Mail Managers
  • System Administrators
  • Communications Administrators


3 Days  

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