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Advanced Pivot Tables


Create a Pivot Table using data already in Excel

From the Data TAB on the any of the spreadsheets create PivotTables for the following:

  • Customer Count by Week
  • Group Count by Week
  • Ship to Count by Week

Create a Pivot Table (linking it to an Access Database Table)

  • Importing the data
  • Importing as PivotTable
  • Auto-update the data
  • Update on Open
  • Refresh options

Change PivotTable settings

  • Sum / Count / Min / Max / Avg /
  • Formatting (Dates, Currency, )
  • Filters (Top 10, Starts with, )
  • Re-arranging fields / layout

Using Formulas for PivotTables

  • Adding new Columns/Rows/Fields for formulas
  • Making new Fields available
  • Adding multiple Fields (Count & Sum, Count & Max & Min, )

Totals for PivotTables

  • Grouping / Subtotals / Show Totals
  • Slicers
  • Showing different totals (% of Totals,
  • PivotTable options

.5 Day  

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