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Responsive Web Design


In this Responsive Web Design course you’ll learn how to improve your web designs so that they respond to various screen sizes, devices and form factors, providing the best possible user experience. Learn best practices to efficiently maximize responsive design, and understand how to address possible user experience trade-offs that may arise. You will also understand how responsive web design incorporates CSS3, media queries, @ fluidgrid, along with using flexible images, and flexible videos to adapt to viewing devices, user agents, devices, and environments. 

What you’ll learn in this training course 

  • Foundations of Responsive Design
  • User Experience Challenges of a Responsive Design 
  • Creating the Basic Structure of a Responsive Design 
  • Using HTML5 for Structure 
  • Styling with Web Fonts 
  • Styling Text with Ems 
  • Defining the Basic Text Styles 
  • Styling a Layout for a Responsive Layout 
  • Working with the CSS3 Text-Shadow Property 
  • Working with CSS3 Selectors 
  • Adding Responsive Images
  • Navigation for a Responsive Design
  • An Overview of Mobile Navigation 
  • Introduction to Media Queries 
  • Adding a Toggle Menu (Part 1)
  • Media Queries and Responsive Layout 
  • Adding Styles for a Desktop Layout
  • Optimizing your Responsive Design
  • Adding Mobile and Older Browser Support 
  • Testing your Responsive Design 
  • Improving Page Performance

Audience for this training course

This course is designed for web design and development professionals.

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A foundational knowledge of HTML and CSS is required before enrolling in this course

1 Day  

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