KT-30088 Oracle11g or 12c SQL for Business and Data Analysts Training - Minneapolis, Minnesota IT MN Technical Financial New York, NY
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Oracle11g or 12c SQL for Business and Data Analysts


Oracle11g SQL for Business or Data Analysts is a hands-on course, which gives you a basic knowledge of how to extract data from Oracle using SQL, SQL*Plus, and PL/SQL. This training covers topics that are necessary to query data for analysis from an Oracle11g database.

  • Get data out of Oracle and into:
  • Field delimited files
  • CSV Files
  • ODBC connections like: Excel, Access, Crystal Reports, and SAS
    • Understand Structured Query Language (SQL) basics:
      • WHERE Clause
      • Data Types, Functions, Data Manipulation
      • Ordering & Grouping, Indexing, Joining Tables
      • Transactions (Commit & Rollback)
      • subqueries
    • Format reports using SQL*Plus commands
    • Extract and organize information from the database
    • Insert, update & delete information in database tables
    • Create and drop tables, views, synonyms and indexes
    • Load tables using SQL*Loader
  • Who Needs to Attend:
    • Anyone who need to extract data out of Oracle (e.g. Analysts, End Users, Executives, Programmers, etc.)

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A general understanding of relational database design concepts.

3 Days  

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