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Oracle11g Intermediate PL/SQL


You will receive hands-on instruction in the intermediate and advanced features of Oracle11g PL/SQL procedural language for SQL. You will cover how to control data sharing and locking, debug and use error reporting procedures use Oracle supplied packages, and develop database triggers, stored procedures and functions for future reuse.

You will cover ...

  • The PL/SQL Environment
  • PL/SQL Program Structure
  • Native Compilation
  • Update, Insert and Delete Statements
  • Error Functions / Debugging
  • Defining, Executing and Testing Functions
  • And Procedures
  • Creating Package Specifications And Bodies
  • Creating Triggers Of All Types
  • Using Oracle Supplied Packages
  • Understanding Advanced PL/SQL Features

Who Needs to Attend:

Application Developers and Database Administrators who need a comprehensive understanding of Oracle 10g PL/SQL language.


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3 Days  

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