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Oracle Discoverer 4i For End Users


Oracle Discoverer Desktop Edition is a Graphical User Interface utility that can be used to specify queries and access data in the database according to the specifications given.  Discoverer Desktop Edition makes finding the data easier than it often is with other interfaces. The data set that you can find is restricted to the data that is known to exist in the database.  Results are brought back quicker since the data is preconfigured  to be used by Discoverer. The database engine will not have to search the entire database.  The format of the resulting data set is familiar and easier to understand than the output of plain vanilla SQL statements.  Analysis of data by using drilling up or down techniques is possible. Finding data that meets certain conditions is made easier. What if scenarios can be modeled easily. Data can be shared among other users and applications such as Microsofts Excel and Lotus 123.

This course teaches how to write queries to access data in an Oracle 9I database.

Participants will learn

  • To create, modify, run and refine ad-hoc queries
  • To view, chart and analyze multi-dimensional data
  • To produce individual ad-hoc reports using existing data
  • To schedule and manage report generation in a batch
  • mode

Who Needs to Attend:

Oracle Discoverer Desktop users or any business professional wishing to learn the basics of Discoverer

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Familiarity with Windows applications

2 Days  

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