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Organizational Design and Development


In contrast to prepackaged training programs and solutions, KTCS courses reflect the specific goals, resources, and needs of the organization, as well as the needs and preferences of the target learners themselves. The list below are some of the common topics used in our courses.

Typologies of Organizational Design

  • Traditional Approaches
  • Contemporary Developments

Matching the Structure to the Task

  • Articulating Objectives
  • Customers, Staff and Structure
  • Selective Case Studies

Tools of Organizational Development

  • ‘‘The Org Chart : Holy Grail or Cage-liner ?’’
  • Structural Symbolism
  • In-house Communication
  • Org Chart Workshop

Organizational Leadership

  • Style & Structure
  • Leading Change
  • Managing Change

Evaluative Techniques

  • Setting Standards
  • Measuring Outcomes
  • Replicating Success

Strategy Development

  • Personal Skills Inventory
  • Structural Resource Inventory
  • Status Statement & Action Plan

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